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Reduce costs, minimize downtime and increase productivity.

MITSA’s application management services cover functional support for all web-based, custom and legacy applications. Our application team can help businesses to maintain the flawless frontend and database infrastructure. Our team specializes in support for CRM, Exchange, SharePoint, Apache, IIS, SSL, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

When you've got a huge online store, it can be hard to keep your website up and running. Don't worry; just let our business application team take care of things for you. We'll get you up and running so that you can focus on running your business.

We have a passion for business applications and technology. Database management, computer networks and security are just a few of our specialties. We have years of experience setting up and supporting a wide range of technology infrastructure. We have skilled engineers available to provide support for one-off development projects to full support of all your existing IT infrastructure.

MITSA will also communicate with your other IT service providers and vendors on your behalf to ensure timely resolution of all IT related issues. This will enable MITSA to keep your IT operations in good stead.

Our best-in-class application support allows you to concentrate on the core business competency and optimizes the overall performance, availability, and agility of business applications. Reach your bottom line sooner - at reduced costs.

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