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We’re your partner in the transition toward a cloud-first business...

We know cloud navigation can be difficult while managing all your routine business chores. Let us help you achieve the complete potential of your own business cloud. Secure data and email access, secure application access, and enhanced business scalability and flexibility – all reside in a robust cloud strategy.


  1. Certified cloud engineers with prolific experience under the belt
  2. Seasoned professionals to take up any size of cloud architecture, design, and implementation
  3. Best cloud assistance at best price

MITSA’s team specializes in development of on-demand infrastructure. Our expertise in cloud strategy and integration will build a tailor-made, sustainable cloud strategy that complements your business needs. Our proven experience in cloud strategy has helped our clientele overcome the real-time business challenges and speed up the journey to more agile and scalable business goals.

Let us initiate the business automation for you and create a completely interconnected business atmosphere with our expertise in the entire cloud suite - AWS, MS Azure, Office 365, and Google/G Suite. We’re also an experienced provider of hosted desktops and applications. To create secure-than-ever, responsive hosted workspaces, tap in to our hosted solutions.

Whether it’s about not knowing how to efficiently shift to the cloud, or deciding what exactly to migrate to the cloud, let us handle it for you. If your business is already on cloud, we can also help you monitor costs and compliance of the cloud applications. MITSA just a call away!